College of International Hospitality Management (CIHM)


The College of International Hospitality Management (CIHM) has been recognized as a new College Department of SSCR in June 2006. The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) are the two programs under this department. These two courses were originally part of the Institute of Arts & Sciences (IAS) from School year 1990-2006. The BSHM & BSTM programs were formerly known as ABHRM and AB Tourism in 1990-1993 and it became BSHRM and BS Tourism from 1994-2006. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) gave a new global terms for these courses in 2006 and it because BSHM and BSTM in most schools. However, the CIHM has created a unique specialization in its course program in order to assure that students have their own career direction. The BSHM has two kinds of specialization namely: Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management (HRRM) and the Culinary Arts (CA), while the BSTM course is specializing in Travel and Tour Operations.

Several local and International linkages were created by the CIHM in order to strengthen the training programs of their students. Likewise, these students have the opportunities to take their practicum abroad such as: USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Moreover, to enhance and develop the skills of these students, San Sebastian College Recoletos created a restaurant known as Captain’s Galley for BSHM students. These students are expected to run the restaurant and acquire the necessary foodservice skills. Also, the BSTM students have their own travel lab where they are trained to become efficient travel agent and tour guides.

In the CIHM department, all full time faculty members are Master’s and Doctoral degree holders. Highly experienced Chefs were invited to be part of the department including managers of selected Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, DOT consultants, etc are part of the faculty line up.

Well equipped facilities are provided to the students in the CIHM department such as the Main kitchen, Hot and Cold Kitchen, Bar Management Lab, Housekeeping lab, Coffee shop, Mock Front office and guestroom.

This is the reason why CIHM department is known for “TRAINING THE STUDENTS TOWARDS QUALITY HOSPITALITY SERVICES”…….

The College of International Hospitality Management is offering Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) is a degree program designed for the students who want to explore the areas of Hotel, Restaurant, Resort and International Cruise Management.

Through this course, students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge & skills through various training programs that respond to the needs of the International Hospitality Industry. The students may choose from the following fields of specialization:

Track 1: Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management or;

Track 2: CULINARY ARTS. The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a program that specializes in Tour and Travel Operations Management. These programs of studies are designed in accordance to the CMO #30 given by CHED which requires competency-based course for BSHM & BS Tourism. The programs also follow the ladderized plan of curricula mandated by TESDA/TVET.

Accordingly, students who cannot complete the Bachelor’s degree for the programs can venture the hospitality industry through the certificate course of the ladderized plan.


As one of the leading Hospitality Educational Institutions in Manila, the San Sebastian College-Recoletos CIHM is committed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop future Hospitality leaders and professionals through practical training, education and cultural exchange program while building international understanding, goodwill and friendship;
  • To continuously involve the CIHM Faculty Members in the Hospitality Industry through active research programs as well as regular involvement with industry firms and professional organizations;
  • To provide quality classroom instruction and complement it with seminars, workshops and international experiences that will maximize the quality of curriculum that conforms to the present changes of the Hospitality Industry;
  • To meet the demands of the Hospitality Industry by preparing individuals for effective job performance in the industry;
  • To intensify the social awareness of each individual through community programs and services for continual life-long involvement.


  • To produce competent graduates equipped with proper training and exposure, social responsibility and Catholic and Augustinian Recollect values that will truly describe them as true Sebastinians.
  • To establish linkages with international training experts that will continuously upgrade the qualifications of both faculty and graduates.
  • To involve the HRM faculty members and students in community programs and services, such as livelihood and entrepreneurial activities.
  • To immerse HRM faculty members in current hospitality industry trends through seminars, workshops and international training and affiliations with professional organizations.
  • To mold the students with right values and attitudes on camaraderie, team work, cooperation, honesty, patience and strong dedication to work through, among others, laboratory activities and participation in culinary competitions and educational trips.


    To continuously produce world-class, hospitality-oriented graduates imbued with Catholic Christian values and ready to be dynamic citizens of society.
    To train the students with proper knowledge and skills for service excellence in order to meet the demands of the tourism industry.
    To establish linkages with international training experts that will continuously upgrade the qualifications of both faculty and graduates.