Food and Travel Challenge 2006

The College of International Hospitality   Management brought the world to San Sebastian through competitions and   fair with its FOOD AND TRAVEL CHALLENGE 2006 held last Tuesday, October   3, 2006.

First to unfold was the Bartending and   Flairtending Competition which was participated by Ralph Emerson Daganio   (1st Placer), Joseph Magdalena (2nd Placer), John Carlo Dagdag (3rd   Placer), Ryan Malaya, Daryl Damian, and Jerome Divina.

Simultaneous to this were contest events like Continental Cultural Dance participated by
Tourism classes representing Europe, Africa, Asia (which emerged   winner), and America; the Cake Decorating, Quiz Bee (which was   participated by the high school students), and the Booth Fair of   entrepreneurial creativity.

First Placers in the Cake Decorating winners were Christines So,   Mary Ann Silao, and Andrea Santiago.  Other winners include:  Second   Placers (Honey Lyn Conwi, Paulline Aguila and Jessica Cuenca), and Third   Places (Neil Sagar Mulit, Eric Elgarlino and Joan Faustino).